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Mini Heatie Wheatie - Orange White Dot (14x14cm square)

Mini Heatie Wheatie - Orange White Dot (14x14cm square)

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Made with 100% cotton fabric
Triple Stitched.
Size: 14cm x 14cm
Wheat filled.

Get THREE Mini Heatie Wheaties or Icy Ricies for $25.  Just add three to your cart and the discount applies automatically.

Heaty Wheaties are filled with wheat and intended to be used as traditional wheat bags, moulding easily to the body for your aches and pains or just to warm up your hands. Please heat in microwave starting with 30 second intervals until you reach your desired heat.  1 ½ - 2 minutes is probably enough.  ALWAYS put a cup of cold water into the microwave with your wheat / rice bag.

Microwave wattage can vary so take extra care until you are familiar with your own heating preference.

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