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Mindfulness Bundle D

Mindfulness Bundle D

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Original Mindfulness Bundle.  

Use the following delights within this bundle to embrace a more mindful life…and remember there are so many great things to be thankful for, and so many wonderful people in your life!


SIGHT - Bamboo Delights Dish
Use this Treasure Tray to display anything that makes you happy.  Change your displays regularly or keep adding to your collection. This should be your space for good things only.  Suggestions include: mini art, candles, trinkets, favourite shells, gem stones, dried flowers or use it as a saucer for a small plant. This list is endless – whatever you want - as long as it makes you happy!


SOUND - Rainbow Lotus Breeze Bell
Hang this bell somewhere that it will catch a breeze. When you hear the sweet sound take a moment to catch your breath - just stop and appreciate your life and know that you are precious and loved.


SMELL - Scented Calm Candle 
Light this delicious candle and melt into the calming scent.  Take a moment to just be….. breathe and relax.


TASTE - Chocolate & Hot Chocolate (Dark)
Taste is the easy one! But to practice mindfulness you need to follow this mantra:

“When you eat – eat. And when you drink – drink”.

Fill your cup literally and emotionally. Enjoy your hot drink and treats and take the time to only focus on your eating and drinking. Nothing else!


TOUCH - Macrame Keyring
Tactile and homemade, this macrame keyring is perfect to tag it on your bag or use for your keys.  Whenever you find yourself holding it, notice the textures, take a moment to absorb the world around you – feel the warmth from the sun (or the wet of the rain!), and be thankful for the world you live in.


Good Luck for your mindfulness Journey - you owe it to yourself to slow down!

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