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Bloom Bracelet Gold/Terracotta

Bloom Bracelet Gold/Terracotta

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(Bead size 5mm)


Sometimes we need to look back and reflect to see how far we’ve come.

Don’t get too attached to this bead- one day it could choose to leave you…

This bracelet is made using embroidery cotton so it will wear through ... once the bracelet wears through and falls off you will be reminded to look back and reflect at how far you have come since you first tied it on.


You don’t need a reason to get one for you or a friend… but if you want a reason. here are some:

- Enduring lockdown

- Coming out of a relationship

- Starting a new job

- Moving cities

- Having a baby

- Loosing a loved one

- Simply in need of some extra comfort


When the bead catches your eye you will remember how strong and awesome you are and it will bring you comfort.

Or maybe you plan to achieve a goal and you plan to do it by the time the thread wears through.

Whatever it is this will have special meaning to you!

You got this.
You’ll get there.
You have so many good qualities and so much to look forward to.  
You really do.




Tie this bracelet on for you,

Wear it ‘til the cotton wears through,

You may loose the bead one day,

But the strength you’ve gained is here to stay.

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