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About Me!

About Me!

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I'm Claire, I'm located in the Sunny Bay of Plenty, in Tauranga, New Zealand.  I use this website to showcase my current projects and creations, and as an easy way to purchase my work online.  I have paired back my website presence (as of January 2024), but if you do arrive at this site at least you can read a bit about me here!  

I have been creating in some way, shape or form for many years, and have recognised the need for creating as an outlet to relieve stress or anxiety.  I have a strong pull to create on a regular basis to keep me sane.  The feeling of accomplishing something handmade is the biggest joy to me.  

Life is like one big tapestry of threads - each thread or section of threads represents a person, place, animal or thing that has touched your life.  The warp is the solid foundations - the necessities; family, food, shelter, love.  And the weft represents the times and travels and people that have woven their into your world.  Some create large chunks of ongoing happiness, for others they may have left their mark in a negative way - but they are still a part of you and your life, they are still interwoven and make you the beautiful unique person you are.  Continue to weave beautiful things into your tapestry of life and I will continue to create beautiful things.

Thanks for being here,


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